Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmases and such

On Tuesday last week we had a barbecue in the laneway:

Tuesday night we (the Urban Seed residents) went out for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately the batteries on my camera ran out, so I only got photos of me and Nomes opening our Christmas presents, and I didn't get any of karaoke afterwards.

Thursday we had the Credo Christmas party. We normally have it down by the Yarra, but because of the storm warnings we decided to have it in Credo - and it was actually a lot less work and more enjoyable.

We spent Friday cleaning up Credo, and starting to move everything out of level seven, because the church wants it back next year. It looks like I'll be living on level 9 with Gin and Jeff and Gemma. At the end of the day I got Marcus to take a picture of us (the 2007 resis) because it would be the last time we were all here...

Last night was the Christmas party for the cleaning company I work for and we had an excessive chocolate fountain fondue.

John skewered Seb's head and dipped it in the fondue.

This morning we went to Footscray Baptist Church for Marcus' induction.

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