Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Macro and zoom

The new camera I got this morning has a pretty good zoom (x10) and a really good macro function, so I've been trying those out a little bit.


Pea Bo said...

You hedonist, you!
I hope the robber doesn't read your blog.
Great photos!!
What is that last photo of?


Christop said...

If the robber is someone who reads my blog, who do you think it would be? Hmmm...
The last pictures is an empty bottle in the sun, from about 1cm.

Electric Chikken said...

I am the robber. I travel all the way over to Melbourne from Syndey and steal your stuff.

Then I come back.

OK, all of that was a lie. Cool pics, though.

Tab said...

Nice camera. Did you get it for the price that you wanted?

Christop said...

I got it for cheaper that I 'realistically' expected.