Monday, August 27, 2007

St Kilda to Brighton

The last few days it's been warm again, so yesterday I caught the tram to St Kilda, and skated down to Brighton, and then walked back, because it was so hot. Today I went down there again, and skated a bit further this time. Today I had to walk back to St Kilda as well, because there's something wrong with the wheels on my left rollerblade, and they won't turn very fast. I'll see if I can fix them later. I might need to get Ben or Nate-Dawg to have a look at them.

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Anonymous said...

yes spring and summer are on their way.
Isn't St Kilda looking good this past week or so. You should go down on Sundays when they have the markets, it's so bright, and diverse, theres a great cultural mix down there, with the beach as the backdrop