Sunday, August 05, 2007

Seeds in the City

Tonight we had our Seeds gathering at Treasury Gardens. We lit some candles (in jars so they wouldn't blow out) to symbolise our prayers, and we read and discussed the scripture together, and afterwards Tex found somewhere for us to have tea. (He had a Texas burger.)

We'd done something similar a few weeks ago, except we used glow sticks instead of candles.

We've been trying to find stuff we can do for our church gathering that doesn't take an awful lot of organising, because there aren't that many of us at the moment, and we're mostly already doing a fair bit of stuff anyway.
Generally we've been meeting either at the Den or at my house, and used some liturgy that Mark gathered together before he left, which centres around a shared meal (soup, usually). We're not really supposed to meet at the Den, because the lease says that we can't have church services there.

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