Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gembrook, and sandwiches at the Vic

Yesterday morning we went out to Gembrook. We've been trying to take groups of people from Credo out there once a month, to spend some time out of the city (a lot of people who come to Credo don't get much opportunity to get out of the city) and help with some of the work at the retreat centre there. (We went and stayed there for a weekend back in February.) Yesterday we just had one punter, Steve, with us, but it was still a good day. Gemma did a hook turn for the first time, in the van on the way there. (I wasn't much help, having never done one either.)

Once we were out at Gembrook, we spent until lunch time weeding, cleaning out gutters and pruning the jasmine that grows around the windows of the main house. Steve also taught one of the kids who lives at the retreat centre (with his family) to say some (nice) things in Maltese.
This is me and Steve having lunch:

After lunch we were digging up concrete tiles from that formed the floor of the property's original house, and moving them over to one of the huts, so that they can be used to make a footpath from the hut. (There's just a dirt path at the moment.) There were some Sweet Pittosporum trees coming up around the property that had to be gotten rid of (they're an environmental weed), but we didn't get around to that.

After work on Fridays we normally have drinks at the Vic. Yesterday at the Vic, Chris was talking about how when he was a resident at Urban Seed, they used to have free sandwiches at the Vic on Fridays. I still had a heap of rolls and salad left from lunch, so Chris used it to make a sandwich in memorial of the Vic's free sandwiches.


gem said...

How fun was gembrook? In a lets do hard work kind of way. Yes and how funny was Chris making my sandwich.
I really like the name of your blog wonderful and awful things. That sums up life to me. So wonderful and awful at the same time.

samantha louise said...

hey i know steve! :)

Christop said...

Yeah, I reckon we'd know a lot of the same people!