Friday, November 17, 2006

We've gotten a mention in The Age:

Tomorrow, a group calling themselves "a G20 Christian Collective" will begin a 60-hour vigil outside the Grand Hyatt demanding "tickets" to the summit on behalf of those excluded from it.
The group - which includes teachers, lawyers and church ministers - will set up a temporary "embassy" and some will consume nothing but rice and water for the duration.
We've also been mentioned in the Herald Sun and Australian.
Going down there now.


Anonymous said...

you and your fellow members of the deluded rabble are ignorant idiots - G20 outcomes will create sustainable wealth, and will help the environemnt and the poor a damn straight more that you outmoded christian nonsense and whimsical notions of peace, love and mungbeans.

Anonymous said...

I heard them talking about you on the 10am news bulletin on 774 ABC too. There's quite a hype around you.

Oh, and to the person above, sustainable my arse.

Christop said...

Yeah, we were also on the TV news quite a bit, apparently.
Anonymous (I presume you're one of Andrew Bolt's mates), I'll respond to you when I've had a bit of sleep. :)

Trav said...

At least your protest was peaceful....i assume it was...

did you have any success in getting your message across?