Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pain in the Arts 2006 Exhibition

Me and Tomsy and Nigel got most of the installation at the City Library Gallery done last Friday. I took this picture of Tomsy when we were taking all the art over there:

I was thinking it looked like he'd just been shopping, and bought a heap of paintings.
Tonight we had the exhibition opening. Nate-Dawg took these:

(I've got some more pictures of artists with their work, but I need to check if it's okay with them before I put them up here.)
After the opening, me and Damo and Nomes went out for coffee. On the way there we ran into someone we know who'd been at the opening, and he asked if he could come with us, and we said that was fine. As soon as he finished his coffee, he got up, said, 'I have to go now,' and rushed off without paying! We didn't really mind paying for him though, because it was pretty funny.
At the moment there's an animation of Damo doing some of his writing, being projected from the Vic Hotel onto the ground in our laneway (Baptist Place, off Little Collins Street). It's going to be running at night during the exhibition.

(The photo's a bit blurry because I had to do a 6-second exposure for it to come out clearly.)
There's info on the exhibition here.

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