Monday, August 07, 2006

No more Sydney...

Didn't do much on Friday, because it was raining heavily all day in Sydney. Ended up just hanging around the backpackers, reading Life, the Universe and Everything, listening to Hilltop Hoods, and watching/making fun of Windtalkers with some English backpackers. Wrote a little bit too, including this, which I don't think is finished:

It's a present

It might seem to us like this leaf's been thrown away.
That doesn't mean it's rubbish.
It's probably not going to make us any money.
But we don't have to sweep it away out of resentment.
What would make us think we had the right to do that anyway?
It actually contains a secret message. It's probably not a message any of us will ever consciously understand very well. But we don't need to understand it, just to receive it. The deep, buried bits of ourselves know what to do with it.
It's going to self-destruct. But that will take a while, and it's components will go back down into the earth to feed other messages.
So it's not rubbish.
Friday night I went down to Circular Quay, even though it was still raining a bit, and took a few long-exposure photos.

Saturday morning I met up with Dave (a friend from Ballarat who now lives in Sydney) and hung around the city and Circular Quay and had lunch. It was raining a fair bit still.

At one point on the plane flight back to Melbourne there were ice crystals forming on the outside of the windows. It was pretty cloudy where we started the descent, and it was a little bit turbulent.
I'm glad I'm back now, because I've missed everyone.

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