Thursday, August 24, 2006

God's voice in the chaordic advice of loved ones

I came to a realisation this afternoon, as I was sitting against the heater reflecting. I'm not sure how literally true it is, but I think it is true, in some way.
It seems sometimes like the people who are important to me are pulling me in different directions. But what I realised was that all of these people want good things for me. God is using each one of them to show me different things that are important for me to consider.
From what seems quite chaotic and confusing, only a good end can come, if I'm attentive to God's voice.
That realisation made things easier for me to understand, at least for that moment.


Electric Chikken said...

(Can I make things more confusing for you, then?) :-P

Anothing thing to consider is that there are always positive and negative consequeces to every action and decision we make. We're just unable to always recognise and percieve every effect of our actions. That little angel on our right (or is it left?) and the little devil on our left (or is it right?) aren't usually there, as that would be making things too easy. Often there are indeed just two regular trusted people on both sides who may only want to help...

Maybe this just means I'm schizophrenic.

nate said...

This is an unexpectedly nice, poignant piece from the 'stop... :P Good thoughts... I like them a lot :)

Christop said...

Enough of these nice, poignant thoughts! Down with the bourgeoisie!