Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Days 2 and 3

Decided to try and find the Harbour Bridge and Opera House again yesterday. On my way over there I stopped in this courtyard between a whole heap of hotels and office buildings, to have some sandwiches for lunch. While I was eating, this guy in blue overalls came over and asked me if I'd studied law. I said I hadn't, and asked why. He said that he'd been walking along the road and the police had pulled over and jumped out of their van and told him not to walk on the side of the road or they'd throw him in the back. He wanted to know from me whether they were allowed to do that. I said I thought they were probably bluffing, because they know they have more power than civilians. He said that they didn't have more power than him because they were fat and slow and he could have easily outrun them. He said that next time the police bothered him he was going to tell them that he knew they were just bluffing, tell them they're garbage and that he's going to report them to their superiors so they get suspended, and then run away. He told me all that and more about twenty times. He kept saying that he had to go and get lunch, but then starting the whole story again. He also wanted to know if I was part indigenous.
After I'd finished my sandwiches I walked down through The Rocks, which seems to be an area full of old fashioned buildings, and came to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Took a heap of photos.

Then realised with a surprise that I could also see the Sydney Opera House, across Circular Quay. Walked around Circular Quay to have a look at the Opera House, which was very beautiful.

I liked the fig trees more though.

Went back to the backpackers in the afternoon and ended up falling asleep for a little while, because I was really tired, even though I managed to get a reasonably good sleep Sunday night, after the old English lady stopped talking to people who weren't there.
Was sitting on the balcony last night, reading Restaurant at the End of the Universe. This English guy came out for a smoke, and we had a chat. He asked where I was from, and when I said Melbourne he was surpised because he thought I sounded English. He said he's been in Sydney ten weeks, and spent about AU$12 000 on alcohol. This middle-aged Australian guy came out for a smoke as well. He said he'd been in the army twenty-five years, served in Cambodia and Sarajevo, and was retired now. He's been staying here three months, and is going to have to move out on Sunday because the place is closing down, and being turned into a nightclub or something.
Haven't done much today. Been reading. My feet have been sore from doing so much walking in the first two days. Went to the National Maritime Museum, but it wasn't all that interesting. Am currently in a park in Glebe, eating chips and a spring roll. There's a currawong that keeps trying to steal my food.

And I came across some more familiar-looking street art on the way over to Glebe.


Tab said...

u didn't go into the opera house did u?

Christop said...

No. I tried some of the doors, but they were locked.
(For those who don't know the story, when Karen went to Sydney she got into the Opera House through a door that was meant to be locked.)