Monday, March 06, 2006

Melbourne panopticon

As of yesterday there's been security guards everywhere as well as the extra police. It seems there's a security guard down every laneway I walk past. One good thing is that they're not going to have any security guards stationed in our laneway, although one security guard will be coming down regualrly to check that everyone's being good. Another good thing is that the police have said that they'll call us if there's a situation involving drug use or overdose.


Taqwa said...

Yeah! Those junkies better be good, or they'll get such a pepper-spraying!

Also, if they call you, i assume it's because watching an overdose is a spectator sport or something..

Mayby they just might want you to pray over the body or something..

Kick it probably..

Taqwa said...








Christop said...

I think it's actually because we're trained to respond to overdoses.
Yous are so going to get me sued.

Electric Chikken said...

Sued? Why? Was it because he said Melbourne? Or because he said 2006? Or mixture? Or 2006 a second time? Or is it because they were used in combination?

Such a pickle. Let me think: Melbourne...2006...Melbourne...nope, I got nothing.

Kinda glad I'm not around those parts of the country at this point in time though...all that Commonwealth Games (Melbourne, 2006) business is rather scary...

The MAIN reason I'm glad I'm not there is because I'd just spent every day of the week finding fun ways to mess with the authorities. Still is a worry though.

Vic said...

yeah... Games security guards are just the ones who couldn't pass the Abu Ghraib sadism test. pepper spray? softy!

Christop said...

I would appreciate people not using the M-word, 2-number C-word, G-word, other G-word, S-word or B-word on my blog. Otherwise I might as well make my profile photo one of the official M*lb**rn* 2**6 C*mm*nw**lth G*m*s logos.