Monday, March 20, 2006

Concerning Forest Edge

A couple of people (including MUMZ) have asked about how Forest Edge was. I have said that there was some good stuff and some crap stuff. In some ways it was fairly disorganised, and thus we got people turning up to some of our seminar things expecting a different seminar. There was a fair trade cafe area run by More Praxis, where there were a lot of social justice type seminars on, and a lot more laid back music than the rest of the festival, so that was good.

We listened to two guys argue about something they almost completely agreed on for about three hours.

We had chilli con carne sin chilli. So basically, it was just carne.

DeeDee's friend Sasha wanted me to introduce myself to this guy who she reckoned I must have been related to. It turned out to be John D'Alton. Except she reckoned he was called Calvin.

Christian City Youth, all the way from Christian City, had no tops to their heads.

A redback spider landed on Sounds Like Chicken's drum kit.

Our tent got blown down because it wasn't put up properly.

Saturday night we stayed up till about 2am helping Marcus work out what to do for his Colossians Remixed seminar the next day.

And Tomsy was:

And we got to get away from the city for a few days, just before it got absolutely insane. Now there are police and security guards and helicopters everywhere.

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nate said...

really, john d'alton was there...