Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Drug use during the Commonwealth Games

We noticed during the Commonwealth Games, that drug use in our laneway actually went up. Strangeley, it seems that the concreters who were working here until the Games scared people away more than the police and security guards did.
As well as there being more heroin use in the laneway, I noticed Games volunteers hiding in the laneway so they could have a smoke, and drunk tourists ended up in the laneway at least once.
Also, the fact that there hasn't been much heroin around (particularly in the CBD) means that people have been going onto speed or ice (methamphetamine, crystal meth) instead.
I don't think I'd even heard of ice until late in 2004, when Today Tonight and A Current Affair went berserk about it , so I've just been doing a bit of research. Four Corners showed a documentary on ice recently, and you can watch it or read the transcript here.

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