Friday, March 03, 2006

Green & Gold Slurpee controversy

As you may or may not know, there is a Commonwealth Games Act (which I've found impossible to access online), which prohibits people from carrying certain items at Commonwealth Games venues, including skateboards, unauthorised recording equipment and voice amplification devices.
Something you may be more likely to know, (considering how hot it was in Melbourne today) is that 7 Eleven are giving 15c from every Green & Gold Slurpee they sell to our Commonwealth Games heroes.

However, 7 Eleven are also encouraging their customers to breach the Commonwealth Games Act by turning their Slurpee cups into megaphones, in order to 'cheer on our Aussies'!

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Vic said...

There is not only the Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act 2001, there are several other Commonwealth Games Arrangements bills including the 'Amendment bill', the 'Governance bill', the 'Further Amendment bill' and the 'Miscellaneaous Amendments bill'. I kid you not. These can all be found on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents webpage.