Wednesday, January 04, 2006

King Kong

Went and saw Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong this afternoon (Tuesday).
My friend James, who I went to see it with reckoned it was to long, and that it took too long for them to the island and for Kong to come into the story. I didn't mind that though.
During one a scenes depicting a violent encounter between Carl Denham (Jack Black)'s film crew and the indigenous people of the island, I wondered how the story would differ if it was told from the point of view of the indigenouse people, who know they must sacrifice someone (preferabley not from their tribe) to appease Kong, but are also afraid of the strangers' guns.
At one point in the film several characters are attacked by what seem to be giant wetas - primative crickets from New Zealand, which Peter Jackson's special effects company is named after.

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Tab said...

Sonja's Uncle did some of the CGI for that film - I think he was working on the "king" himself.