Friday, January 27, 2006

The hordes of street evangelists

I keep getting targeted by street evangelists, trying to get me to convert to their brand of Christianism: Bible-believeing, spirit-filled, faith-healing or New Testament Christianity - the list goes on. The guy this evening was trying to tell me that people aren't saved unless they speak in tongues.
Ahhh, Melbourne!


Bec said...


come across the crew who sing hillsong/other to a sadly taped backing track outside Flinders St Station in peak hour nonetheless?


Where does the world get an idea of how great it is to be Christian anyway?

Anonymous said...

These so called Street Evangelists
might actually save you're toasty little butt from the flames of Hell one day which will prove mighty grateful for on the day of reckoning.

Christop said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. One of the main reasons I find street evangelists annoying is because even though I'm a Christian, same as them, they're not happy with that - they reckon I need to believe exactly the same things they do, or I'm going to Hell.