Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back from Warrnambool

Got back from Warrnambool yesterday afternoon.
When I got there on Monday, the Ignite team were down at the beach running games of cricket and volleyball and rugby. Here's some photos from the rugby:
(They look really weird, because my phone's not meant for taking photos of people running around.)

Went and visited the Champion City (what used to be called SUFM) team after that. They have a new tradition that if someone says a particular word, they have to do ten push-ups. Rachel kept trying to trick me into saying it, so eventually I just thought that whenever she talked to me she was trying to get me to say the word.
This guy called Elliot, who was in the Universe group I was leading at the start of last year, and who has flouro yellow hair, has started another new tradition, of getting up at 6am for an extra prayer meeting.

Thursday afternoon Ignite ran a three-on-three basketball tournament at Jamieson Street Primary School. They got some guys from the Warrnambool Seahawks to come and ref. Here's some photos:
(These ones are funnier, because some of the players look all stretchy.)

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