Sunday, January 08, 2006

Going to Warrnambool

I'm going to Warrnambool tomorrow morning to visit the Scripture Union team there. Trav's been blogging about what's been going on there. I'll be back Wednesday. On Saturday I move to Urban Seed.


Bec said...

Say Hi to Marcus from me (Urban Seed)... some relative of mine :P

It's a great place that, if I didn't live so far out in the sticks I wouldn't mind getting more involved.

- Bee (dropping by from the external non-gush world)

Christop said...

Hi Bec, good to have you here.
I'll say hi to Marcus for you. In fact, he might read this, 'cause he comes here sometimes.
Being related to him, are you also part of the Cornish diaspora?

Bec said...

I think it works something like this:

my Grandma is a cousin of his mum's (?) which - whatever that makes me to him I'm not sure?

Either way, he should remember the YITS crew as we 'toured' urban seed and Marcus came to our end of year camp and I had a conversation with him about a certain bed (which has semi 'belonged to me' for a long time - but is actually his, if you're reading this Marcus it's all cool to go and pick it up some day).

Anyway, we have been known to have the 'Cornish diaspora' over for afternoon tea when they frequented this side of the world.

There, thats sufficently weirded everyone out.