Friday, April 25, 2008

Samuel Hill 5's trial

The Samuel Hill 5 had their trial in Yeppoon yesterday, for trespassing into a military training area during the Talisman-Sabre Australia/US war games, so they could play frisbee with the soldiers, and encourage them to play peace games instead of war games.
While we were doing lunch in Credo, there were people handing out free frisbees around the city and telling people about the Samuel Hill 5, and after lunch we met at Alexandra Gardens to play frisbee.

I got this message from Simon Moyle at about 2 o'clock yesterday:

Unbelievable. 6 month
good behaviour bond
only! Commended on
our "exemplary lives".
Many thanks 4
prayers & support!
Had a great hearing -
judge was fantastic.
There is more info about the Samuel Hill 5 here.

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