Thursday, May 29, 2008

Credo retreat

I haven't put anything up here for ages. Oh well. (Sorry Cookie!)
We had Credo retreat on the weekend, at Narbethong (near Marysville).

These are some pictures of us playing silly games:

This is Gemma sleeping on the couch because she stayed up playing 500:

And these are some pictures from a walk we did in the Cathedral Range:

Often Credo retreat is pretty stressful for those of us who are organising it. Because we've got a whole heap of people together for a whole weekend there are usually a few big dramas, but this year there weren't, so that was nice!


Tab said...

I do declare that you have put on weight Christop! Have people been feeding you??!!! Good to see a post, anyone would think you had better things to do.

Christop said...

Mmmm... I'm a bit doubtful about me having put on weight, although it certainly isn't a bad thing if I have.

David said...

Thanks Christop! I've been looking regularly. Sorry my blog's been crap. Tomsy and Amber are with us now. Pictures via Facebook soon I hope. I'll put links to my Facebook photos on my blog so everyone can see them. Love your work.