Saturday, April 05, 2008

Easter, Footscray, Mission Exposure...

I haven't blogged for ages because too much has been going on. Easter. Via Crucis. House sitting in Footscray. Mission Exposure week. Earth Hour. Working on art for Pentecost.
Here are pictures:

Me and Dave and Sarah (she's from the Bendigo mob) are going to Hope Street in Sydney on Saturday. We'll be there till Thursday.
And Andy's decided to move out.

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pricket said...

Most everyone here, or should I say everyone that I know does their gifts of worship to the Lord by music, sound and voice. Your gifts are by the visual arts that would be a good thing to behold. I do mine by growing things both of beauty and function, but primarily the plants of functionless beauty and scent are my greatest joy to behold the Spirit of the Lord.