Thursday, October 18, 2007

'ELECTION CAMPAIGN - the other side of the story'

Tab: hey
Tab: guess what?
Chris: what?
Chris: elephants?
Tab: only 6 weeks left of annoying election campaigning!!!!!!1
Jessie Taylor (a lawyer who's been having a lot to do with asylum seekers in detention) is running an alternative commentary of the election campaign:
DAY 1 – Monday 15 October
Lunchtime - RW placed in solitary confinement pending his deportation. His migration agent is not notified of his negative outcome until 1pm Monday, despite the decision having been made on Friday. Conversation ends with “we’ll be removing him tomorrow”. All afternoon, he begs to speak to friends – Nicki Moseby, Jessie Taylor & Joan Lynn. Nobody is allowed to speak to him, despite our incessant attempts to contact him. The Privacy Act is cited as the reason, despite his having begged to speak to us. We are told that we’ll have to go through his migration agent.

Afternoon – government announces billions of dollars in tax cuts. Cheap, cheap, cheap tricks to woo an electorate which is hopefully smarter than that… although precedent is not reassuring…
You can follow the commentary here.

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