Saturday, October 20, 2007

Adam's new house

This morning I caught the train down to Noble Park to help Adam move into his new house. We lived in Noble Park until I was almost 15, and I think Adam was about 12. Adam's moved back there to do stuff with Urban Neighbours of Hope.
I got there fairly early, so I had a bit of a wander around.

This is where we went to Primary School:

This is where we got haircuts, bought five cents worth of lollies and got fish and chips for tea:

This is the street we lived in:

And this was our house:

(When we lived there it had heaps of trees out the front, but the new people cut them all down.)
This is the UNOH van, which Adam used to move his stuff:

(The van was painted by the kids from Springstarz, which is a kids program that they run in Springvale.)
Adam's new place is on top of a shop, just off the main street, and he works at the Salvos across the road. Here's some pictures:

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