Thursday, June 21, 2007

Simon's been arrested

I got this message from Simon a few hours ago:

We managed to shut down samuel hill air base for 1 and a half hrs and play frisbee with the soldiers. Now charged with tresspass & out on bail. God was with us.
Simon and a number of other people I know are up near Rockhampton in Queensland, protesting the Australian/US wargames that are going on there at the moment.

'Activists inflitrate war games' - Brisbane Times
'Protesters arrested at Qld war games' - Brisbane Times


Sammy said...

now THATS "acts" living!

Trav said...

I'm not sure i agree,

I'm glad their conducting non-violent protests but i'm not sure that tresspassing is a legimate way to get their message across. What makes it okay to tresspass?

Christop said...

Although I don't know all that much about what they were doing while inside the training zone, I don't think it would be wrong to trespass if the reason for trespassing was to try and prevent soldiers from learning stuff that will help them to kill people and to invade other countries. (Of course, if you were going to break the law by trespassing, you'd have to be prepared to get arrested and suffer the consequences of breaking the law - even though the law is being used for injustice.)
It'd be good to ask Simon about it. (I'm sure he'll blog about what went on.)