Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Australian Dream

I've been thinking a bit recently about how the Australian Dream is apparently owning your own house.
About a year and a half ago I was cleaning a house for this couple who own a fashion label, after they'd had the place rennovated. They had two kids under five, and each of the kids had about ten bedrooms, each full of assorted toys. I couldn't believe it! It seemed absurd.
Last week I was talking to someone I know in Credo, and they were saying that when they get into some new accommodation they want to have a bedroom, a room for books, a room for music, a room for TV and a room that's just full of cushions.
So at the same time that it's becoming harder and harder for Australians to even own their own home, it seems like we're dreaming of bigger and bigger houses where fewer people take up more space.


samantha louise said...

boy it felt good to catch up on your blog.

I missed reading this.


Electric Chikken said...


My family's been renting for my entire childhood, up until 2002, when we were lucky enough to score our own house. Up until that stage, every few years, we'd usually have to move for some reason or other. Now we've got a smallish block with a townhouse stuck on it, but it's ours, relatively new when we bought it, almost nothing needed fixing. I thought we had things pretty sweet (which we do), but my mum's been complaining about it recently. Bad location (it's Sydney...every area's a bad location), not big enough, etc.

I can't seem to convince her how lucky we actually are because, if for no other reason, we've been at the one place for about five years, it's one of the best houses we've lived in and we ain't likely to be forced to move any time soon. Sad, really.

Chris said...

It's funny, but I'm pretty sure that this was C.S. Lewis' description of Hell in "The Great Divorce." A good read, if you've got a few minutes ...