Friday, June 08, 2007

Getting punched

I often make jokes about getting punched by people, or people punching each other, but today I actually did get punched by someone. It didn't hurt much physically (last year I got punched a lot harder by someone who thought they were just being friendly, when they were drunk) but it was still quite upsetting, particularly because the person who did it refused to admit that they had punched me. I said that if he was going to punch me he'd have to leave, and he left rather than admit that he'd punched me.


¿johnman¿ said...

When you say he punched you where did he punch you? like where on your body did he connect with and was there an argument? why did he punch you?

Christop said...

He punched me in the hip (?!) because I was standing up and he was sitting down next to me. We were playing Rusk, and I was standing up to pass the dice to someone across the board, and he was angry at me because he'd attacked one of my territories and it hadn't gone very well. And he'd physically threatened to punch me several times previously during the day.