Friday, March 02, 2007

Working at Green Collect

Yesterday I worked at Green Collect for the first time. Green Collect is a recycling company that shares part of the church building with us, and where a number of people who come to lunch at Credo work. Started off getting cork, aluminium and steel that had been sorted out of the store room, and loading it into the metal onto the trailer to be taken to be recycled. Someone going to come to us to pick up the cork. I also organised all the stuff that was still in the store room (mostly plastics), and then spent the rest of the day sorting different kinds of plastic and answering phone calls.
Don't know how regularly I'm going to be working at Green Collect yet, or what I'll normally be doing, so I'll still be doing my cleaning job out in the suburbs, at least for a while. I'm only getting about four and a half hours a week of cleaning now though, compared to about seven hours a week when I started at the end of 2005.