Monday, March 12, 2007

Heere bea dragynnes!

We've just been down to the Land of the Dragon King (Mentone) to get another Eastern Water Dragon. This is what Mentone is like:

And this is what our lizards are like:

The girl one (she's bigger) is called Grendelyn. The boy one doesn't have a name yet.


samantha louise said...

That first photo is kinda disturbing haha..

what IS that you are standing on?

Christop said...

It's actually Ben's foot, and I don't know what it actually is. It seems to be some kind of confectionary goo dispenser?

samantha louise said...

I always had a thing for confectionary goo dispensers when I was a kid.

Can you please hurry up and write more?

Christop said...

Hurry up and write more?! I've been putting up stuff comparatively regularly the last two weeks!
I sometimes put stuff on Advoc8 as well, if you don't read that already.