Saturday, March 17, 2007

Resisting evil

Samantha Louise left this comment this morning:

All too often I apologise for things that i really dont' need to apologise for. It was only highlighted to me THIS YEAR that i can be like that, and i don't stick up for myself. The past few weeks i've been challenged by God to not be like that, and to not let peopel walk on me, and to take more of a stand.
I said:
I think we often get the impression when we read about Jesus' teachings that he was saying that his followers should let others walk all over them, becuase he said to turn the other cheek, et cetera.
I just finished a series of posts for Advoc8 about what Walter Wink reckons Jesus meant when he said to 'turn the other cheek'.
Resisting evil: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

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samantha louise said...

I feel honoured that I was quoted :)

Yeh with all that... I started going through the gospels and diving into the character of Jesus. His personality. how he reacted to different situations.

He definitly didn't let peopel walk all over Him.

Rather, he spoke the truth in love.

You'd be happy to know that I was real blunt with someone on Sunday :) Truth in love blunt. It was scary to step out.. but I felt damn good after hahaha.