Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MLC retreat day

Today we were hosting the year twelves from Methodist Ladies College, for their Religious Education retreat day. (It's their one day of RE for the year.) Several of us were up most of last night getting stuff ready.
This is Marcus being overhelmed in the Land of Easter Eggs:

And this is when Marcus lost his pen under one of the shelves in the Land of Easter Eggs:

And this is a special little installation me and Ray and Stella did for the elevator:

What took most of the time was setting up the contemplation and prayer stations in the sanctuary. (I helped with that last year.) This is what they looked like last night before they'd had prayers written all over them:

Today I was taking groups of students on city walks with Brent and Kate, while Marcus was looking after the installation in the sanctuary, and Simon was running nonviolence workshops to do with competition.
Took these pictures of some of the prayer stations at the end of the day:

(The international time map is from this screensaver.)
If you want to make some slightly coherent sense of what the stations were all about, read what Marcus wrote about last year's MLC retreat day.

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