Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dark Days at the Rooftop Cinema

Tonight we went to the Rooftop Cinema at Curtin House, to see Dark Days, a documentary film about people who live underneath New York City. Mark had been given some free tickets to the film, because the guy who owns it came to visit Credo a little while ago. It was a little strange being on a roof other than our own, because it seemed like all the buildings were in the wrong place.
The film was interesting. It seemed that while most of the people shown in the film knew each other and hung out together, they were very independent, and mostly just looked after themselves. While the film was being made, the people were evicted from the subway where they were living, and given housing. Unfortunately you don't get to see how they might have been going a few years after their eviction, though.


samantha louise said...

That sounds really interesting!
How come I've never heard of this roof top cinema? I feel like I have been missing out on something my whole life, or whatever.
Is there any way for me to see that documentary?

Christop said...

I originally knew about the rooftop cinema because I walk past it most days of the week. Hadn't actually heard anyone else say anything about it until pretty recently though. I think tickets are $20.
I expect that you'd be able to get the film from Borders if you were wanting to buy it. Otherwise, some arthouse film libraries would have it, and most of the big university libraries have it.