Thursday, February 15, 2007

Even young men grow weary

Some time last week I was projecting photos through my window onto the adjacent building, late into the night.

And I found this note attached to a TV in a church I visited the other day:

I've been way too busy for a little while, and hadn't had much of a break for eight days, plus I didn't have much of a break over the Christmas/New Years holidays, so I've just been on leave for a few days, staying at Gin and Jeff's place and not doing very much except reading and writing and drawing ...

... and watching Monty Python films. I came back this afternoon, and read this piece of scripture, which someone or other that used to live here stuck up in our toilet:

I was thinking that people who put their trust in God will probably run and don't grow weary because they realise that God doesn't need them to always be running, and so they're making sure they get enough rest.
When I went down to the office there was a parcel from the US. It was a Christmas present! (I took part in the Relevant messageboard Chris Cringle thing last Christmas, and we were wondering why my present hadn't arrived yet.) One of the things in the parcel was a new candle, so I've had that going.

I feel much better having had some rest.


Freakatronic said...

Hey Chris. I need breakfast, but instead here I am greeting you. Feel special? You should! You damned well should!
I'm glad you got rest. That's important. People tend to die at some stage without rest. I rest every night, for 7 to 8 hours.

Christop said...

But what is rest without breakfast?!

Trav said...

Breakfast is heaps cool. So is sleeping at various intervals. I'm feeling much more alive now that i've got to rest.

hey you might find it interesting to know that Cara's been involved a bit with the bendigo CU group and as a consquence i'm talking at their training weekend in a few weeks...hopefully God will stir people into action

samantha louise said...

I'm glad you realise the importance of rest :)

*is at work resting*