Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic pudding cake and nerdgames

This week is Mission Exposure Week, so we've got five people staying with us to find out a bit about what we do at Urban Seed, and about some of the thinking behind what we do.
Tonight they got to be part of our community dinner. Ray made a cake for Marcus, in the shape of Albert the magic pudding, because it was his birthday yesterday.

Marcus likes The Magic Pudding because he reckons it's like the kingdom (or economy) of God, because even though it keeps getting eaten it never runs out, and it doesn't like not being eaten. Pudding thieves often try to steal it, to control it, but it will always run away, because it wants everyone to eat it.
After almost everyone had left we played some short-lived nerdgames (roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons) based on Mark's Gospel and the G20.

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Marx Kernow said...

thanks! you guys have diakonia-ed us old farts so well this year....much grace and peace!