Monday, September 18, 2006

Books about anthropomorphic vegetables

In 2004, I got this book for $7, at a bookshop in Ballarat:

A couple of months ago I took it to the Urban Seed staff retreat and made sure everyone read it, saying that it has stuff in it that I thought would be important for our organisation's future.
A few weeks ago, Mark (our receptionist/director) got back from Aotearoa and the US, and had obtained his own copy of Dr Pompo's Nose, as well as several other books by the same people. He also gave me this book as a birthday present:

(That means I've had three birthdays so far this year.)
This evening Ray and Ben got back from Broken Hill and gave me this book, which they found in an op shop:

The blurb says,

Boris is big, intelligent and one of the most popular vegetables in Mr Lymer's greenhouse.

But this is not enough. Boris wants power. He wants total tomato supremacy - in and outside the greenhouse.

Soon Boris and his tomato troops are squeezing the life out of all the other plants.

Will Boris rule the day? Or has he got too big for his skin ...?

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