Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back East

Caught the train out to visit my parents today, because it was Fathers Day. My parents' place is about half an hour's walk from Ferntree Gully Station. When I was about halfway there, this reasonably large dog came running at me from further up the footpath. I stopped walking, and it started barking at me, and jumping and snapping at me. At about this point I was thinking that there was something you're supposed to do when you get attacked by a dog, but I was extremely tired, not to mention frightened, and had no idea what that thing was. One thing that came to mind was kicking it in the face, but I didn't know how hard I'd have to kick it, and I really didn't want to kick it. I had my laptop because I'd wanted to do some typing on the train, so I tried to shield myself a bit with the laptop bag. The dog was coming pretty close to biting the bag, so I ran back the way I'd come from, but the dog ran after me, still snapping at me, so I ended up running across Burwood Highway, after which the dog left me alone.
Me and Adam and Justin spent the afternoon helping Dad at this community nursery were he volunteers every second Sunday.

(Note that Adam is doing a Trav-style Superman pose.)

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Taqwa said...

You should have tried barking back.

That always confuses the hell out of every dog i do it to..