Monday, May 01, 2006

The train crash

Friday afternoon I caught the bus out to Ballarat, for Stack's party. When I got to Ballarat I went and hung around at Tab's place for a bit, with Tab and her sister Tori and Tori's egg, which is called Kate, and her cat, which is called Santa.
When Tab was driving me back into town, Nic (Stack's boyfriend) called me and said, 'Are you alright?'
I said, 'Um, yeah, why?'
He said, 'The train from Melbourne to Ballarat got derailed at Ballan.'
I said, 'Oh. Okay. Well I wasn't on it. I was on the bus. Should've told you. I should have said, "The train that's going to get derailed, I'm not going to be on it, so don't worry."'
When I actually read the news, it turned out that it wasn't the Melbourne to Ballarat train anyway, it was the Ballarat to Ararat train, and it was actually derailed near Trawalla.


Electric Chikken said...

Tori has an egg?

Bah. Try looking after a dozen.

Trav said...

aparently there are 100 accidents between cars and trains every year i read this in the all knowing Ballarat Courier (assuming the stat refers to Australia and not Ballarat to Ararat trains)