Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here be pigeons

Yesterday I walked to CERES, to see if I could get a recycled bike. On the way there I stopped at a park, and sat down on the bench to check where I was in my street directory. As soon as I sat down was surrounded by pigeons, some of which I landed on me. It was all quite wonderful. I suppose they're used to people feeding them when they sit down on that bench.

When I got to CERES, it turned out that the bike workshop is only open Fridays and Saturdays at the moment, so I'll have to go back there some other time.


business voodoo said...

so, did you have any crumbs to feed them, or did they just pose that nicely for the pictures!!!! very friendly pigeons! good luck on the bike hunt ... with petrol prices like they are, the bike is a great option these days!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Christop said...

No, I didn't have any food.
And I don't drive, so petrol prices don't effect me directly.

Electric Chikken said...

Wow. I've never seen pigeons that are that tame in Sydney. That may be because there isn't a single person in this city that's kind-hearted enough to feed them.