Friday, April 21, 2006

An Easter egg in the laneway

Last night, not long after I went to bed, some people came into the laneway making a lot of noise, which isn't very unusual. And then there was the sound of smashing glass, which isn't very unusual either. There was also lots of swearing and smashing around. And then there was the sound of a car horn, and straight away I'm thinking, Oh excrement*, they've gotten into Ray's car, because she had it parked in the laneway.
So I was getting dressed and putting my boots on and Ray was knocking on my door saying they'd gotten into her car, and Nomes was looking for her eyes, and Nathan was probably doing something wonderful too and we went got in the elevator and went downstairs.
And we went outside and there was an Easter egg smashed on the ground and these two guys were next to Ray's car rummaging through a heap of stuff (papers, casette tapes, plastic razors) spread on the concrete, so we asked if they were okay, and one said he was looking for his birth certificate, so we asked if we could help them and they asked if we had a spare ciggy. So I asked Ray if she had any smokes and she did, so she gave them one, and then they ran off, but one of them dropped the cigarette and then came back to get it again. And at some point one of them asked if we had any freshies (clean syringes), but it was all a bit confusing so I can't remember the order now.
Nate's wonderful take on the adventure is here.
And I just cleaned up the laneway this morning and the bin was full of casettes and bottles of medication.

*Just making sure this blog stays family friendly.

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Tab said...

eek! that sounds andventurous indeed.