Sunday, April 23, 2006


A couple of people have asked about Confest. Well, it rained really bad all the way up, then stopped just before we arrived. So pretty much veryone who set up their tents before us got flooded out, but we didn't, and we walked in the mud the next day. The weather was a lot cooler than it is supposed to be usually, so there were hardly any naked people, which was a relief. It was really really cold at night. Eco forgot the canes for his tent (apparently his sister's fault) and reckoned he was just going to wrap himself in his tent and sleep on the ground, but he ended up sleeping in Nomes' car and eating Russian elephant garlic to keep warm.
Oh yeah, EcoPaul ended up coming, which hadn't been certain when I blogged the day before we left. We met some of Nomes' friends up there, and camped with them, so we had a pretty big camp, tweleve people.
I was amazed at how much stuff Don brought. He had a little landcruisery thing full of stuff. He had a fridge and a freezer with ice cream in it. He brought more food than me, Ray, Karen and Nomes brought between us. He had a stove and he cooked pizzas.
Didn't actually end up going to many worshops, just one of Christian meditation which wasn't very good and one of spiritual vegetarianism. The guy who was running the mediatation workshop kept getting all defensive whenever someone disagreed with him on something, and he seemed to think that it was more important for men to respond to God than it was for women, and that women could only be connected to God through men. And I wasn't real sure what to do with much of the stuff he actually talked about because most of the discussion didn't end up being about meditation.
Saturday night, when me and Nomes and Ray were trying to find the fire circle, these people aksed if we'd play drums for them. Was fun. They're in a band called Stoked. Can't find their website. Nomes has one of their CDs, so that might have it. Afterwards we found the fire circle and watched the firetwirlers. One of them was a guy who did Production at the Arts Academy in Ballarat whose name I can never remember, but I don't think he can ever remember mine iether, so it's okay.
There was a group of Christians from around Sydney who were running a kids tent, whith games and music and stories and toys and stuff, and they also ran a Jesus gathering for easter Sunday, which we went along to. Lots of music and a sermon on the topic of Why You Have To Become A Christian and a hand washing ceremony.
Sunday night there was a concert, which anyone could take part in, which was opened by Wendy Rule. We went to watch Wendy Rule because one of our friends from Credo likes her music, and it was pretty interesting, and some of it was pretty freaky.
It was really nice being away from the city for the weekend, and that people were so friendly. We had a few of the people who were camping near us over for tea, whereas normally when you go camping it's not surprising for people to be annoyed at having other camping nearby.
Monday morning we almost left without Eco because we'd told him we wanted to leave by 11, and it was 12 and no-one had seen him all morning. (Last time he went to Confest he stalled for five hours because he didn't want to go home.) But he turned up just as we were about to leave without him. And we told him that he couldn't open his 'yoghurt' in the car. On the way home he read the Melways to us. Hurrah. That's enough.


Tab said...

sweet. Glad 2 c too that ur listening to Xavier. Good stuff. My brother just told me that he's worked with him. nice hey?.

Electric Chikken said...

The more I hear about this EcoPaul, the stranger he gets. Although Russian Elephant Garlic sounds fun.

Maybe not to eat, but to watch someone else eat...

Christop said...

Tederick: Stay tuned, Eco wants me to set up his own blog for him. And his yoghurt was actually milk that had been left out in the sun. Don't ask about his cordial.

Tab: Ah yes. Haven't listened to that CD for a while now, but haven't had time to update. But we were listening to one of his live recordings the other night.