Monday, November 17, 2008

Paramedics are great

This afternoon the buzzer went off, and when I answered it, it was Gin asking me to come down to the laneway because she'd just called an ambulance for a guy who was down there, and asking me to bring a blanket for him. So I brought a blanket down. Turned out it wasn't an overdose this time. The guy was sitting up, with his legs crossed, and he had a crutch. One of his feet was really swollen, which might have been why he wasn't wearing shoes. Gin introduced me to him, and he said I had a cool beard. Gin had been hanging out with him in the morning, when she was cleaning the laneway. She asked if I could go up the end of the laneway and wave to the paramedics when they turned up, so they'd know where we were.
So I brought the paramedics down the laneway (they parked out in Little Collins Street), and they asked they guy what was wrong. He said he had a broken hip, and an inflamed foot, and that he'd collapsed, and that there was a particular hospital he didn't want to be taken to because he'd already been there twice in two weeks, and so they reckoned he was just being a nuisance. The paramedics said they had to take him to the same hospital, because at that hospital they'd already have some records about him, which would be helpful. So the guy got pretty angry and said that he wasn't going to let them take him anywhere, and started to get himself up, screaming with pain, and said he was going to walk to his friend's place in Carlton. We managed to get him to sit down again, and the paramedics agreed to take him to a different hospital (which seemed like it might have been a more appropriate hospital anyway). So they went and got a stretcher to take him to the ambulance. Gin gave them her card so they could contact us and let us know anything we could do to help.

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