Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First Australians

Sunday night at Collins Street Baptist Church, Jon recommended to everyone watching First Australians on SBS later that night. I'd been vaguely aware that it was on, but I don't really watch TV normally, so I hadn't seen any episodes. Sunday night was the last episode, so we watched it after dinner and it was really good. You can watch it on the website as well (though this might be only available in Australia - I don't know), so I've started watching it from the beginning. All Australians should watch it. White Australians. Black Australians. Orange Australians. Know your history!


John Tracey said...

This is nowhere near comprehensive, just I few links I have gathered.



Darren Wright said...

its a very interesting series, you can download the podcast from itunes as well..

ive *cough*bittorrented*cough* it

Christop said...

Thanks guys.