Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Via Crucis @ Docklands

I haven't been posting any more artwork but am working on stuff for this:

Via Crucis @ Docklands 2008
Stations of the Cross for meditation and reflection in the Norla Dome, Mission to Seafarers Building, 717 Flinders Street, Melbourne’s Docklands.

Via Crucis @ Docklands 2008 will include art and multi-sensory, interactive worship stations based upon the Easter stories. The space will be open for personal reflection from midday on Maundy Thursday, 18th March. The exhibit will close on the evening of Good Friday, 19th March with a Reflective Worship Service commencing at 8pm.

Via Crucis feature work from the “Being Human” exhibition of Solace’s, Stuart Davey and sculpture by Karly Whalley from Common Ground.

Other communities participating include Seeds, Loam and the Red Network for whom this will be something of a farewell event for the Jensen family who are soon returning to America.

Their contribution to emerging/missional church movement across Melbourne has been much appreciated and its fruitfulness is embodied in a joint ventures such as this.

Best parking is available off Wurundjeri Way near Telstra Dome or at Wilson: World Trade Centre.
Look forward to seeing you this Easter.

Much Grace

Marcus Curnow, Seeds Network (inc. Urban Seed)


Pricket said...

So I am reading your friends blogs and I come upon this reference to " milkshakes and spiders" and all I can think of is little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and way, when along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away. By the way you have some thoughtfull and kind friends from what I read.

Christop said...

Yeah, I am lucky to have some good friends.
A spider is lemonade with ice cream in it.