Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Desert Files - Day 24

Marcus asked if he can print out a big copy of the image I made on Shrove Tuesday, to use as part of an Easter art installation (like Dead Man Rising last year), and I said he could. Now he wants to know if I can do one for each other the seven things Jesus said on the cross, with the same image, but different colours. I'm not sure about that, because the image was supposed to go specifically with, 'Into your hands I commit myself.' I also feel a bit funny about the idea of mass production of my image, and the idea that it takes away your soul. Marcus wonders how Jesus feels about that, seeing as there have been quite a few images of him produced now.


Anonymous said...

liking it.\marx

Pricket said...


Just to say that took 30 minutes to set up a blog account as I have never had one. There is something about your site that tells me 30 minutes out of a finite lifespan was worth it.