Thursday, October 19, 2006

Urban Seed ♥ North Korea

Andrew Bolt was slagging us last week, saying we want Australia to be like North Korea. I'll just quote Nate-Dawg:

andrew bolt wrote the most bizar article last friday that drew parallels between north korea and u/seed :S

marcus (he'll be taking the jevermoreny walk this fri) then wrote a response on his own blog

they're a bit of a read, especially the response, but I found them well worth while, if only to reaffirm with Marcus's response why I do what I do :P

and, if you're keen, here's one I found in my online travels, an interesting article contrasting Christian right and left, using Kevin Rudd and Bolt's articles (in response to Rudd) as a basis


Chris said...

I have to admit that I wish I understood either of those articles.

Christop said...

We can talk about them over lunch on Tuesday, if you like.