Sunday, October 15, 2006


Haven't blogged in over a week. What has happened?

On Monday afternoon I was washing the dishes, and heard a woman screaming, 'NOOOOOOOOOO!' So I rushed out onto the fire escape, to see what was going on in the laneway. I couldn't see anyone down there, so I ran back inside to look out the window, into the other end of the laneway. Couldn't see anyone from the window either, so I ran down the stairs to the laneway and had a look around the laneway, but still couldn't find anyone. Heard the scream again: 'NOOOOOOOO!'
It turned out that in the other laneway, which goes from Collins Street, alongside the church building, there was a film crew shooting, and one of the actors had to scream a lot.

On Thursday after lunch, I went with Alfred to a certain fast food restaurant, becuase he hadn't wanted to eat what we had for lunch that day. There were two girls sitting near us, probably about 14, and they'd finished their meal, so one of the staff came to get their tray. One of the girls screamed at him, 'Don't take my f***ing cup!' and threw her cup at him, so he picked it up and threw it back at her. At this point both the girls stood up and started screaming at him, and he quickly went back behind the counter. The two girls stood at the counter screaming at the staff for about ten minutes, and then stormed out, yelling, 'F***ing city bums!' The police turned up just after they left.


Electric Chikken said...

Hmm...I blame their video games.

Christop said...

I blame them for their video games.