Monday, June 12, 2006


Saturday night we went and saw Candy, an Australian film which is largely about heroin use. Was fairly upsetting. I was really glad we went and saw it though. It looks at a lot of stuff that we don't see much of here. Mostly we're just around people when they're injecting in our laneway, or they're nodding off, or when they're off the drugs. We don't see much of what goes on at home, or how they support their habits, or what it's like going through withdrawal. Often we just hear people talk about what it was like for them back when they were using.
Kahn Awkward's seen it too, and mentions his thoughts on it here.

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Rebecca said...

Heh. My friends and I were talking about this the other night. We want to see it, but don't think we can. Several of us have seen the "home" side several times, and the hardest thing I know is to love someone, but know that they can't be anything but very bad for and to you...