Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Dome

This is where we'll be having Urban Seed: church, at least for the start of the year. Mark and I moved most of the stuff down from upstairs at Missions to Seafarers, and across into the Dome this morning, and started setting up for Sunday night. Apparently it was originally built as a gymnasium. Unless you're standing against the edge of the room your voice and footsteps echo for about three seconds.
The room upstairs that we were using last year was booked for Commonwealth Games security briefings. Apparently it's not going to be needed now, but we've moved into the Dome anyway, to see what it's like.


Kahn Awkward said...

What an interesting space. The dome is superb.

After studying The Crusades for the last couple of weeks, it reminds me immediately of all the Eastern churches. Y'know, like a small scale Santa Sophia from Constantinople. :-P


Taqwa said...

But is it an *angry* dome? and does Professor Farnsworth go there to be angry?

Christop said...

Yeah, it reminds me of an Orthodox church.
And I'm sure Farnsworth could go there to be angry if he wanted.