Sunday, February 05, 2006


Just gotten back from Urban Seed: church. Tomsy was curating tonight, and the theme was breath - God breathing into humankind to make them live (Genesis 2:7), Job talking about God's breath/spirit* in his nostrils (Job 27:3).
One visitor reckoned it was more important to learn about God's word (meaning the scriptures in this case) than God's breath, and that God would use words to communicate rather than anything else, so it was good that we could all discuss that. I remembered a church I visited a couple of weekends ago where I didn't really agree with a lot that was going on, but at that church I couldn't tlak about why that bothered me.
During the gathering we has a video loop going that Tomsy made when he was at uni, of his breath forming clouds (Canberra's pretty cold, like Ballarat). Took this photo afterwards, with Ewan standing in front of the projector:

*The same Hebrew word is used in the scriptures to talk about 'breath' and 'spirit'. I wonder whether if Job was a pentecostal preacher he'd yell, 'Invite Jesus Christ into your nostrils today!'.

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