Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We don't have a racism problem!

John Howard said yesterday 'I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country.'. Lucky he said that, otherwise I would've had the wool pulled over my eyes, good and proper.
In case you're in a different country and haven't heard about it, the weekend before last some Australians, who looked Middle-Eastern, bashed some lifeguards at Cronulla beach, in Sydney.
During the week text messages were sent between Australians of Caucasian ancestry, telling each other to take revenge against 'Lebs and Wogs'.
At least 5000 Caucasians turned up at the beach on Sunday. Various white-supremacist organisations were present, including the Patriotic Youth League. Many had t-shirts saying things like 'Wog Free Zone' and 'Ethnic Cleansing Unit'.
They assaulted several people who looked Middle-Eastern or Southern-European. They also attacked police and ambulance officers who were trying to get Australians of Middle-Eastern and Southern-European appearance out of the area safely.
Luke Connors from the Patriotic Youth League said, 'I have had people calling me all through yesterday, and today, and all through the night, just asking me when Melbourne is going to erupt in riots because they want to go and join in.'
And all this time they've been trying to get us worried about terrorists of Middle-Eastern origin.
But I'm glad the PM has cleared everything up. I was worried for a moment.


Trav said...

I'm completely disgusted to see Australian flags drapped those rioting.

Bot7-SemanticForest said...

Read ... Watched ... Recorded

Taqwa said...

My office got attacked tonight as part of that, we've got a lot of arabs in our office and some aussies got together and.. well.. you can guess the rest..

Lucky they couldn't get through the door..

fernando said...

It is sad, yet unsurprising to hear John Howard play the denial card on this one.

infiniteregression said...

Well, just earlier today at Lygon Kokoblack, some guy shouted "Fuck off! Yes, you! Especially you!" at me...

Sorry, I'm just scared because I am in Melbourne now, even if just as an intl student.