Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mission Exposure Week at Urban Seed

Just a reminder that Mission Exposure Week is coming up (September 20-26).

The Residential Community at Urban Seed would like to invite you to spend a week with us. Urban Seed is a community of Christians trying to connect with their neighbours in Melbourne's CBD, with a priority for the poor.
As a guest, you will be living in the building and taking part in the community (including lunches in Credo Café), as well as participating in reflections on spirituality, mission and community.

Some of the kinds of things we'll be thinking about:
What does Jesus' story mean for me in my context?
How do I relate to people who abuse drugs?
What about our own addictions?
What does healing look like?
What is hospitality?
Who do I associate with?
Who do I invite over for lunch or dinner?
Can I follow Jesus call to love my enemies without becoming a doormat?
How do I integrate my faith with my work and my everyday life?
What's going on in my own neighbourhood?
How do different people from different faith traditions live in community?
What do we need to be saved from?
Who is my neighbour?
Where is home?
Can any good come from Nazareth?

The costs of the week will be negotiated as an exercise in economic sharing.

If you want to come, please give me a call (03 9650 3023 - or use my mobile if you have it) or email me (

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preacherman said...

Excellent post.
I want you to know I enjoy the questions. Wonderful questions for us to think on.
Thank you for all you do.
I pray that God will bless you and your ministry.
I have added your blog to my favorites and look forward to reading more and more.
You have a talent.
You do a fantastic job with you blog.
Again, God bles you and your ministry in wayas you have never dreamed.